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Tunisian Sampler Wrap CAL – Crochet Along with me and Learn Tunisian

Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch (Simple Stitch)

Have you ever wanted to learn Tunisian Crochet? I learned recently and I seriously cannot believe how easy it is!! The Tunisian work I have seen is so lovely that it made me think it was really difficult, but I was totally wrong.  I may never do standard crochet again (j/k – but it is really THAT easy!)

Tunisian Sampler Wrap

I decided that I wanted to learn a few stitches and at the same time see how I could use these stitches for color-work.  I have started a Tunisian Sampler Wrap and after working a bunch of rows and pulling out a ton of stitches, I have finally found my groove.

You are welcome to join me in making the sampler – sort of a Crochet Along (CAL) with no commitment.  I will post the new stitches and photos as I go. I can also point you to the tutorials (if I use one) that helped me to learn the stitch.

Getting Started with Tunisian Crochet

I started by picking up a new Tunisian Hook and some cotton yarn and jumped right in.

I found this video from Made With Love By Glama. Glama taught me the basic foundation stitch of Tunisian Crochet and the first stitch of the sampler.  If you are new to Tunisian I suggest you practice a few rows before starting the project.  If you already know Tunisian Basics, then jump right into the first 6 inches of the wrap below.

I will be using Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton for my wrap.  I wanted a casual wrap for summer that would be softer and softer with each wash, and match my jeans, light and dark.  I chose the colors Stone Wash, Blue Jeans, and Indigo to achieve this. I don’t know how much yarn will be needed yet as I haven’t completed the wrap yet but I’m not concerned about dye lot for this project as with the colors I chose, I doubt I would be able to notice.

In my first go at the Tunisian Sampler Wrap, I did 10 rows of each color but that didn’t get me nice clean color changes since some stitches resulted in a different lengths. This go I will be doing 6 INCHES of each of the 10 different stitches (versus 10 rows) resulting in about a 60 inch long wrap.

I also chose to work in color changes in each stitch so I can see the contrast.  The first 3 inches are worked with Color A. The next 1.5 inches are worked with a color change in each pass, forward and return. The final 1.5 inches are work with a color change at the return pass only. Here is the effect I got with the first Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch (Simple Stitch). See photo below for how my color changes turned out.

Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch (Simple Stitch)
Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch (Simple Stitch) with Color Changes

If you don’t choose to make the same color changes, you can change colors at each new stitch. I recommend changing colors on the return pass of the previous stitch. Or don’t make any color changes at all! You decide. No matter which design you choose, I know you will love the look of Tunisian Crochet!

Ready for the first stitch? Let’s do it!

Tunisian Sampler Wrap – Part 1


Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn Stonewash (Color A), Blue Jeans (Color B), and
Indigo (Color C)
J crochet hook
J Tunisian crochet Hook
Needle for weaving in ends

Notes: We will be crocheting in inches rather than rows.  I found that with my first attempt at the sampler that the different stitches vary in length making inconsistent color changes. I wanted a less random finished product so I started this version by crocheting each of the 10 stitches for 6 inches. If all goes according to plan, I will have a standard 60 inch wrap when completed.


With J hook Ch 75

Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch (Simple Stitch)

Foundation Row (forward pass): Insert Tunisian J hook in 2nd ch from hook, yo and draw up a loop (2 loops on hook), *keeping all loops on hook, insert hook in next ch, yo and draw up a loop; rep from * across – 75 loops on hook. Do not turn.

Foundation Row (return pass): Yo and draw through first loop, *yo and draw through 2 loops; rep from * until 1 loop remains (this loop becomes the first st of the next row) – 75 sts. Do not turn.

Row 1 (forward pass): Sk first vertical bar of previous row (against edge of piece), *keeping all loops on hook, insert hook from right to left under next vertical bar, yo and draw up a loop; rep from * across. Do not turn.

Row 1 (return pass): Work same as Foundation Row (return pass).

Rep both passes of Row 1 until a total of 3 inches have been worked.

If you don’t choose to make color changes, work 3 more inches of this stitch. If you choose to make color changes with me continue below.

One color each row: Work a forward pass with color A. Join color B at last stitch of forward pass.  Work Return Pass in color B. Join color A at last stitch of return pass. Repeat both passes until 1.5 inches have been worked. End with return pass.

Two colors each row: Keep color B on hook and work forward pass with color B. Change to Color A and work return pass and forward pass.  Change to color B and work return pass and forward pass. Repeat both passes with new color pattern until 1.5 inches have been worked. End with color B and return pass.

You will now have worked three color variations with the Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch (AKA Simple Stitch).

Tunisian Sampler Wrap Stitch 1
Tunisian Sampler Wrap Stitch 1

Excellent work! I can’t wait to show you the next stitch!! Follow the Karla’s Making It Facebook Page for updates on this pattern!

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Make it a Beautiful Day,


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  1. Hi Karla,

    I got my forst set of tunisian hooks for CHrismtas so liooking for a nice sampler to practive all my new stitches on. Did you ever publish more stitches for the sampler? I trawled back 18 months on your facebook feed and all I found was a link back to this page 🙁 Has it all been removed now as it was so long ago?

    1. Hi Rachel, Unfortunately the sampler went into the works-in-progress-that-will-never-be-finished-pile never to return again. To be honest, I really stunk at Tunisian. The shawl was not coming out with straight sides and I was frustrated. I have since learned a ton more and could do it now. However, I don’t want to make a shawl until the fall, but let me see if I can come up with some ideas… stay tuned Rachel. xo K

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