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I Saw These and Thought of You – New Crochet Patterns and Inspiration from Karla’s Making It

Tunisian Ripple Scarf Pattern

Hi Friends,

How are you all??? Summer is officially over, well, the weather isn’t acting like it… But the kiddos are back in school and I’m back here for YOU with New Crochet Ideas, Inspiration and of course New and Free Crochet Patterns.

I thought I would start with some crochet inspiration I have run across and the multitude of ideas that I get from Pinterest.

Do you Pinterest? If you do, you have to follow me – I have over 12000 pins (I know!!! But, in my defense,  I started pinning back when they were new, so… yeah)

If you DON’T Pinterest – are you crazy? It’s my life. Ok, not my life – my Prince and my pesky darling kids are my life but crochet comes in a close fourth or fifth… 😉

Anyway, I love seeing something else in a pattern.  Do you do that? For example, I see this jacket (free chart below) and I want to make a tablecloth with those large pineapple flower squares so bad! I wish I could crochet faster – ugh! I would make two!

Crochet Vest Pattern that would make a great tablecloth!
Crochet Vest Pattern that would make a great tablecloth!

This Cape pattern inspires me to design a Christmas Tree Skirt. Wouldn’t that be pretty? I see white lofty yarn – or maybe light blue with metallic?

Shawl or a Christmas Tree Skirt?
Shawl Pattern or a Christmas Tree Skirt?

And speaking of Christmas – how about some snowflakes.  Those are always fun when you have a little bit of cotton around… Great when your board or need some I-finally-completed-a-pattern Project.  You know the ones….

Plus they make good gift toppers and tags. I fantasize about an entire tree of them! Someday…

Snowflake Gift Topper
Snowflake Gift Topper Pattern
Enchanted Forest Snowflake
Enchanted Forest Snowflake Pattern
King's Crown Snowflake Pattern
King’s Crown Snowflake Pattern


Are you inspired to start making Christmas gifts? I have started a few things but they haven’t worked out.  You know how it goes.  Sometimes, a pattern is just too boring or I’m just not feeling it.  Am I the only one? Anyone else do that?

Historically, I don’t usually give Crochet gifts for Christmas.  The only reason I ever came up with is that I didn’t think anyone would want that stuff.

I don’t know – perhaps I will change my mind someday.  How about you? Do you like to give crochet gifts? What kinds of crochet patterns do you deem worthy of gift giving?

I was considering some spa gifts with my new spa washcloth and scrubby patterns. I haven’t written this one up yet – isn’t it cute?

Lacy Spa Tunisian Washcloth
Lacy Spa Tunisian Washcloth (pattern coming soon)

The Scrubby has been the most popular so far. Maybe I will put some in a basket with bath salts, a candle, hmmm what else???

Farmhouse Magnolia Crochet Scrubby
Farmhouse Magnolia Crochet Scrubby Pattern

I was also admiring this scarf. Doesn’t it look luscious? I NEED that yarn in my life!  Do you think it looks manly enough for, well, a man? That would make a good gift for my east coast family.  We don’t have much use for scarves here.

Tunisian Ripple Scarf Pattern
Tunisian Ripple Scarf Pattern

Beyond Christmas, my kiddos are college age so we still have wedding and babies in our future and that is always inspiring.

I have come across this dress (pattern no longer available)

Dress Pattern - this stitch would make a beautiful wrap
Dress Pattern – this stitch would make a beautiful wrap

and it inspires a lovely wrap, maybe in white for a wedding?

I love these capes / wraps too:

wedding cape (Etsy sold out)
wedding cape (Etsy sold out)
Gardenia Shawl
Gardenia Shawl Pattern
Bridal Shawl
Bridal Shawl Pattern

Well that’s it for this edition of “Saw These and Thought of You.” I’m thinking about making this a regular thing… Let me know what you think! What has been inspiring you lately? I would love to talk crochet with you. Let me know in the comments.

I hope you all enjoy what is left of the summer! Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend – (OH YEAH! 10% off all patterns at Etsy this weekend only – it’s supposed to be an automatic thing, no code necessary). xoxo

Make it a Beautiful Day,



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Karla’s Making It Learns to Knit!

Mosaic Knitting

Karla’s Making It Learns to Knit!

Karla's Making It

Hello and Happy New Year my Crafty Friends!!

How did the holidays treat you? Did you get all the presents you wanted this year? I was spoiled with lots of family time. It was wonderful!

I also picked up a new hobby over the holiday – knitting!! I have always wanted to learn and have tried so many times over the years. Every time I tried, my attempts would end in frustration and I’m sure I tried to stab something with those needles. But not this time!! I think I got the hang of this!

Knit Inspiration
Knit Inspiration from Dona Knits blog

I have fawned over so many knitting projects that you all Pin in my addiction of hoarding crochet patterns. I would see awesome yarn patterns and be so jealous and sad that they turned out to be knitting patterns instead of crochet. Like this pattern for a Chunky Knit Throw.

Chunky knit throws
Chunky knit throws from Milo and Mitzy

or these fabulous scarves

Fair Isle scarf
Contrast Fair Isle scarf from ducatista on Ravelry
Fair Isle scarf/cowl
Fair Isle scarf/cowl from Dorien at Madebydo
Mosaic Knitting
Mosaic Knitting from Knit Freedom with Liat
Fair Isle Fiesta
Fair Isle Fiesta by Shinetastic at Ravelry

Isn’t that color work amazing? You just can’t get this look from crochet. Even tapestry crochet. Trust me!! I have tried. You still end up with dots of color where it shouldn’t be. I will admit, it is easier to do crochet color work in the round, but it still looks choppy and…just off. But, seriously, if I can learn to create projects like this, why would I not want to learn?!? Right?

Wool and the Gang Shopper
Wool and the Gang Zig Zag Shopper

Not only have I found that knitting is way better for color work, but the fabric turns out so amazing There is much more fabulous drape and hang.

Lace Collar Dress
Lace Collar Dress by Bergère de France
Miss Bennett Wrap
Miss Bennett Wrap by Paulina Popiolek on Ravelry

On top of that, every knitted stuff animal I see I want to hug! I just don’t feel that way about crochet amigurumi! They seem so stiff and un-cuddly. Check these out!

little elephant girl in a frondy frock
little elephant girl in a frondy frock by Little Cotton Rabbits
CANDY Bear from Susan Hickson on Ravelry

Aren’t they darling?! My lil girl would LOVE the elephant.  They are her favorite!

What about you? Do you also knit? What are your favorite knitted projects?

Going forward, I plan to include Free Knitting Patterns as well as all the Free Crochet Patterns here on Karla’s Making It.  Maybe I will inspire one of you crocheters to pick up those needles and give it a try!

I will post some links that I used to get started with knitting in a future post, as well as my works in progress so stay tuned!!

Make it a Beautiful Day!


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Tunisian Sampler Wrap CAL – Crochet Along with me and Learn Tunisian

Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch (Simple Stitch)

Have you ever wanted to learn Tunisian Crochet? I learned recently and I seriously cannot believe how easy it is!! The Tunisian work I have seen is so lovely that it made me think it was really difficult, but I was totally wrong.  I may never do standard crochet again (j/k – but it is really THAT easy!)

Tunisian Sampler Wrap

I decided that I wanted to learn a few stitches and at the same time see how I could use these stitches for color-work.  I have started a Tunisian Sampler Wrap and after working a bunch of rows and pulling out a ton of stitches, I have finally found my groove.

You are welcome to join me in making the sampler – sort of a Crochet Along (CAL) with no commitment.  I will post the new stitches and photos as I go. I can also point you to the tutorials (if I use one) that helped me to learn the stitch.

Getting Started with Tunisian Crochet

I started by picking up a new Tunisian Hook and some cotton yarn and jumped right in.

I found this video from Made With Love By Glama. Glama taught me the basic foundation stitch of Tunisian Crochet and the first stitch of the sampler.  If you are new to Tunisian I suggest you practice a few rows before starting the project.  If you already know Tunisian Basics, then jump right into the first 6 inches of the wrap below.

I will be using Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton for my wrap.  I wanted a casual wrap for summer that would be softer and softer with each wash, and match my jeans, light and dark.  I chose the colors Stone Wash, Blue Jeans, and Indigo to achieve this. I don’t know how much yarn will be needed yet as I haven’t completed the wrap yet but I’m not concerned about dye lot for this project as with the colors I chose, I doubt I would be able to notice.

In my first go at the Tunisian Sampler Wrap, I did 10 rows of each color but that didn’t get me nice clean color changes since some stitches resulted in a different lengths. This go I will be doing 6 INCHES of each of the 10 different stitches (versus 10 rows) resulting in about a 60 inch long wrap.

I also chose to work in color changes in each stitch so I can see the contrast.  The first 3 inches are worked with Color A. The next 1.5 inches are worked with a color change in each pass, forward and return. The final 1.5 inches are work with a color change at the return pass only. Here is the effect I got with the first Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch (Simple Stitch). See photo below for how my color changes turned out.

Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch (Simple Stitch)
Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch (Simple Stitch) with Color Changes

If you don’t choose to make the same color changes, you can change colors at each new stitch. I recommend changing colors on the return pass of the previous stitch. Or don’t make any color changes at all! You decide. No matter which design you choose, I know you will love the look of Tunisian Crochet!

Ready for the first stitch? Let’s do it!

Tunisian Sampler Wrap – Part 1


Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn Stonewash (Color A), Blue Jeans (Color B), and
Indigo (Color C)
J crochet hook
J Tunisian crochet Hook
Needle for weaving in ends

Notes: We will be crocheting in inches rather than rows.  I found that with my first attempt at the sampler that the different stitches vary in length making inconsistent color changes. I wanted a less random finished product so I started this version by crocheting each of the 10 stitches for 6 inches. If all goes according to plan, I will have a standard 60 inch wrap when completed.


With J hook Ch 75

Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch (Simple Stitch)

Foundation Row (forward pass): Insert Tunisian J hook in 2nd ch from hook, yo and draw up a loop (2 loops on hook), *keeping all loops on hook, insert hook in next ch, yo and draw up a loop; rep from * across – 75 loops on hook. Do not turn.

Foundation Row (return pass): Yo and draw through first loop, *yo and draw through 2 loops; rep from * until 1 loop remains (this loop becomes the first st of the next row) – 75 sts. Do not turn.

Row 1 (forward pass): Sk first vertical bar of previous row (against edge of piece), *keeping all loops on hook, insert hook from right to left under next vertical bar, yo and draw up a loop; rep from * across. Do not turn.

Row 1 (return pass): Work same as Foundation Row (return pass).

Rep both passes of Row 1 until a total of 3 inches have been worked.

If you don’t choose to make color changes, work 3 more inches of this stitch. If you choose to make color changes with me continue below.

One color each row: Work a forward pass with color A. Join color B at last stitch of forward pass.  Work Return Pass in color B. Join color A at last stitch of return pass. Repeat both passes until 1.5 inches have been worked. End with return pass.

Two colors each row: Keep color B on hook and work forward pass with color B. Change to Color A and work return pass and forward pass.  Change to color B and work return pass and forward pass. Repeat both passes with new color pattern until 1.5 inches have been worked. End with color B and return pass.

You will now have worked three color variations with the Basic Tunisian Crochet Stitch (AKA Simple Stitch).

Tunisian Sampler Wrap Stitch 1
Tunisian Sampler Wrap Stitch 1

Excellent work! I can’t wait to show you the next stitch!! Follow the Karla’s Making It Facebook Page for updates on this pattern!

If you are looking for another fabulous project, you should get The Dahlia Rug Pattern from Karla’s Making It! It is a simple gorgeous rug pattern that can be customized for any sized rug for any room of your house.  The pattern shows you how to make a bath or kitchen sized rug and includes instructions on how to make a living room sized rug! The Dahlia Rug pattern is available at Ravelry, Etsy, and Craftsy.

The Dahlia Rug Pattern

Make it a Beautiful Day,