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Stitch Away Stress – April is National Stress Awareness Month


Stitch Away Stress – April is National Stress Awareness Month.


Did you know that April is National Stress Awareness Month? Either did I!! Did you know that crocheting (and knitting) is proven to reduce stress? YES! You’re so smart.  I thought so too and I typically crochet in the evenings while watching TV or while my honey is surfing the Internet before bed to relax. Do you crochet to relax?

You know what else I noticed? Increasing your yarn stash is also relaxing (not proven – just my own experience)! So buy more yarn too!!

Anyway, this month the Craft Yarn Council (CYC) has launched a campaign to educate the world about the health benefits of knitting and crocheting. They released a video Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time and an article, The Truth About Knitting and Crocheting… They’re Good For You! You can read about all the positive ways that yarn crafts can affect your well-being.

Clara Parkes authored a book entitled, The Yarn Whisperer: Reflections on a Life in Knitting: My Unexpected Life in Knitting by Parkes, Clara (2013) Hardcover and is the founder and publisher of She says:

“Is knitting therapeutic? Heck yes. It’s a proven scientific fact, just like we know chocolate and red wine are good for us. Since turning my life over to yarn, I’ve talked to thousands of knitters who claim it’s cured everything from gout to their weight problems. I can’t speak to all cures, but it can certainly improve one’s mental health. I know it helps mine.”

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Back in the 1990’s, the Craft Yarn Council (CYC) has been surveying knitters and crocheters about why they participate in yarn crafts.  The most popular answer is that crocheting is a stress reliever, and provides creative fulfillment. In fact, a growing number of studies have been done about the positive health benefits of knitting and crocheting, with results including mood elevation and treating symptoms of disease. Amazing!!

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In addition to providing you all this information and ammunition as to why you need a WHOLE WALL OF YARN in your craft room and ALL DAY TO CROCHET, the CYC is sharing FREE PATTERNS for Lemon Stress Balls for knitters and crocheters. by designer, Twinkie Chan.  You can find the free crochet pattern here and check out Twinkie’s blog here. It’s a fun read!! Don’t forget to check in with the CYC all month long on their  Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages  to find fun and unique ways to use knitting and crochet to #StitchAwayStress and share with them how you use these crafts to feel your best.

Ok my yarn loving friends, get your crochet hooks out and take some time to unwind and relax.  With all of the demands of work, family, financial stressors, and the many other things that can cause us stress, there is a low cost (Did you know that Michael’s has Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn for $0.97 this week!!! – Shop Knitting and Crochet Supplies at Michaels)  and highly effective treatment?  It’s called crochet.  The directions are simple: for maximum effectiveness, use as often as needed.

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So take some time to unwind and make a couple pot holders or start a cozy afghan, or even work up a Lemon Stress Ball and crochet away your stress all month long! 🙂

Make it a Beautiful Day,