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Karla’s Making It Learns to Knit!

Mosaic Knitting

Karla’s Making It Learns to Knit!

Karla's Making It

Hello and Happy New Year my Crafty Friends!!

How did the holidays treat you? Did you get all the presents you wanted this year? I was spoiled with lots of family time. It was wonderful!

I also picked up a new hobby over the holiday – knitting!! I have always wanted to learn and have tried so many times over the years. Every time I tried, my attempts would end in frustration and I’m sure I tried to stab something with those needles. But not this time!! I think I got the hang of this!

Knit Inspiration
Knit Inspiration from Dona Knits blog

I have fawned over so many knitting projects that you all Pin in my addiction of hoarding crochet patterns. I would see awesome yarn patterns and be so jealous and sad that they turned out to be knitting patterns instead of crochet. Like this pattern for a Chunky Knit Throw.

Chunky knit throws
Chunky knit throws from Milo and Mitzy

or these fabulous scarves

Fair Isle scarf
Contrast Fair Isle scarf from ducatista on Ravelry
Fair Isle scarf/cowl
Fair Isle scarf/cowl from Dorien at Madebydo
Mosaic Knitting
Mosaic Knitting from Knit Freedom with Liat
Fair Isle Fiesta
Fair Isle Fiesta by Shinetastic at Ravelry

Isn’t that color work amazing? You just can’t get this look from crochet. Even tapestry crochet. Trust me!! I have tried. You still end up with dots of color where it shouldn’t be. I will admit, it is easier to do crochet color work in the round, but it still looks choppy and…just off. But, seriously, if I can learn to create projects like this, why would I not want to learn?!? Right?

Wool and the Gang Shopper
Wool and the Gang Zig Zag Shopper

Not only have I found that knitting is way better for color work, but the fabric turns out so amazing There is much more fabulous drape and hang.

Lace Collar Dress
Lace Collar Dress by Bergère de France
Miss Bennett Wrap
Miss Bennett Wrap by Paulina Popiolek on Ravelry

On top of that, every knitted stuff animal I see I want to hug! I just don’t feel that way about crochet amigurumi! They seem so stiff and un-cuddly. Check these out!

little elephant girl in a frondy frock
little elephant girl in a frondy frock by Little Cotton Rabbits
CANDY Bear from Susan Hickson on Ravelry

Aren’t they darling?! My lil girl would LOVE the elephant.  They are her favorite!

What about you? Do you also knit? What are your favorite knitted projects?

Going forward, I plan to include Free Knitting Patterns as well as all the Free Crochet Patterns here on Karla’s Making It.  Maybe I will inspire one of you crocheters to pick up those needles and give it a try!

I will post some links that I used to get started with knitting in a future post, as well as my works in progress so stay tuned!!

Make it a Beautiful Day!