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I’m Still in the Mood for Afghans – Getting an Early Jump on Christmas Presents!

Harlequin blanket

Free Crochet Blanket PatternsI’m Still in the Mood for Afghans – Getting an Early Jump on Christmas Presents!

I don’t know about you but I’m already thinking about next Christmas.  I don’t usually give handmade gifts for Christmas but I decided this year I just might. My crochet and knitting skills have improved to a level where I feel I can create something worthy of holiday gifting.

This year I decided I want to make more Afghans. That’s a GREAT goal, right? Wrong…

See, I have project ADD. I looooooove to start projects. The thrill of the hunt for the most superb project… Feeling all the lovely skeins until I find the ideal texture… Grouping different color combinations until I find the perfect shades…. Trying and frogging until I get the pattern down with no mistakes… Get to row 5 or 10 then – BAM!! – boredom set in.

I plead with my mind, “just do a few more rows.” I get to row 15 and the bargaining sets in.

“I know! How about if I do a few rows a day.  Sure it will take me a month longer but that’s manageable, right? I will do 15 rows tomorrow.” Gets on Pinterest…2 seconds later, my brain screams, “ohhhhhhhhhh look at that pretty pattern!!! I HAVE to try it!”

Searches stash to try it out. Now I have two Wip’s (works in progress)… and on and on and on until I get where I am today with 8 projects sitting here just begging me to work on them yet, I’m still on Pinterest!!

This has to stop!! If you have any ideas on how to keep motivated while working on a large daunting project, PLEASE let me know!! I really want to achieve my goal this year! Thanks! I know you’ll have some great ideas for me!!

Ok, well let’s get to it then.  I have been scouring through some darling patterns lately that I am trying to narrow down  for Christmas gifts. Let me know which ones you like.

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Granny Square Afghans

A classic Granny Square Pattern is always nice. Here’s a great FREE GRANNY SQUARE TUTORIAL from Kathryn Vercillo on Craftsy. I have made many squares in my day… really. I love trying them.  Unfortunately, I haven’t made enough of any one type to color scheme or anything to sew them together.  Someday….

Granny Square Afghan
Granny Square Afghan
Granny Square Afghan
Granny Square Afghan
Granny Square Afghan
Granny Square Afghan
from Clothogancho

Aren’t they wonderful? Check out some of the other work from Clothogancho. There a lot of nice inspiration there. (You may need access to a translation program, like Google Translate)

Granny Stripe Afghans

A couple variations on the Granny Square is the Granny Stripe, like these from Sugar Bee Crafts, or another by Black Sheep Wools.

Granny Stripe Blanket
Granny Stripe Blanket
from Sugar Bee Crafts
granny stripe from blacksheepwools
granny stripe from black sheep wools

Large Granny Square Afghans

And the just-keep-going-with-the-granny-square idea like these from Kostenka and Large Granny Square Blanket by Gillian

large granny square blanket by Kostenka
Large granny square blanket by Kostenka
Large Granny Square Blanket by Gillian
Large Granny Square Blanket by Gillian

A few other “square” patterns caught my eye.  Like this one from Annabels Armoire on Ravelry.  She used the Flower Burst Square by Chris Simon and added a wonderful border!

Annabel's big bed blanket
Annabel’s big bed blanket

Any pattern from Lucy at Attic 24 always catches my eye! One of my WIP’s is her Neat Ripple Pattern. Lucy’s Summer Garden Granny Square is quite lovely too.

Summer Garden Granny Square
Summer Garden Granny Square from Lucy at Attic 24

This amazing creation also strikes my fancy. It is a free pattern from a wonderful website called Purl Soho! Since I have been learning to knit, I have been there a TON!  I wonder if I’ll ever be able to finish all these in my lifetime! I need more hours in a day!!!!!

granny purl soho
Granny Square from Purl Soho

Sampler Afghans

Sampler Blankets seem like a nice idea to keep from getting bored. They are also great Stash Busters!! I may try one of these beauties as well!

Fantasy Blanket by Ana
Fantasy Blanket by Ana
Rainbow sampler blanket
Rainbow Sampler Blanket by Kristen
Mixed stitch stripey blanket by Julie
Mixed stitch stripey blanket by Julie

A few more crochet blankets / afghan patterns that I am interested in making are the Harlequin Blanket from Solveig, as well as a variation of the Harlequin called the Spicy Diamond by Kristen.

Harlequin blanket
Harlequin Blanket from Solveig
The Spicy Diamond
The Spicy Diamond by Kristen

Up for a challenge? Try these babies!!

Tides of Change
Tides of Change by Frank O’Randle
Bohemian Oasis by DROPS Design
Bohemian Oasis by DROPS Design
Pineapple Squares Throw
Pineapple Squares Throw

So those are my ideas for crossing off a few family members off my Christmas List! How about you? What’s your favorite Afghan / Blanket Pattern? Let me know in the comments below or Tag me in a photo on the Karla’s Making It Facebook Page!!

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Make it a Beautiful Day,


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