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Crochet Inspiration from Karla’s Making It

Crochet Inspiration

Crochet Inspiration

Crochet Inspiration from Karla’s Making It

Hello My Crochet Friends!! I have missed you.

Moving is soooooo much work, isn’t it? Well we are moved into our new place and guess what? I have the BEST office/craft room EVER!! I am SO SO excited about this space

I have been working on this blog from my bedroom in a small apartment and now we are finally all in a house! We have room to breath… and crochet! HA HA

I haven’t touched the rug in a whole week! I know some of you are plugging along but I haven’t heard that anyone is up to part 4 yet. I will be working on it this week so I will have more rounds up very soon!

Anyway, even though I have been super busy, I have still been finding some crochet inspirations for us…

Check out these finds!

Modern Victoria Quilt
Modern Victoria Quilt Source

This is a quilt! Can you believe it? I love the different patterns with different frames all different sizes. What do you think? I would love to design an afghan around this. That would be a good way to get rid of some stash!! random squares and rectangles to join together. Very interesting…

Where is your favorite place to find crochet inspiration? While I post crochet inspiration here for you, personally, I check out sources other than crochet for inspiration. I will look at home decor, fashion, and baby trends to create something new and exciting.

Vibrant Vintage Blanket Border
Vibrant Vintage Blanket Border Source

I am in LOVE with this border. Isn’t it darling? I have saved it everywhere so that if I EVER finish my granny square blanket, I can use this border.  It is a free pattern that is available on Ravelry from BabyLove Brand. I would love to see this with other square patterns.  If you use this, post a pic on my Facebook Page.

Crochet Dress featured on Karla's Making It
Crochet Inspiration Dress – Source

Check out this dress! Stunning! So much work went into this I’m sure. I love the texture and the different layers. Definitely a beauty! Those ruffles and quite interesting. I like the different stitches down the dress.

(Dear Lord give me the endurance and stick-to-it-ivness to complete something this beautiful someday… thanks, Karla)

Panel Blanket featured on Karla's Making It
Crochet Inspiration Panel Blanket – Source

I have been wanting to make a panel blanket for some time.  I started a few (blushing) but could never stick with it. It takes soooooo looooong to make that many panels. Do you get bored on larger projects? What do you do to stay motivated?

Ok my friends, I need to get back to crocheting. I’ve got that rug I’m working on and a new blanket for my wee one. She has wanted a blanket for the longest time. Hopefully, I will finish this one for her! lol

Make it a Beautiful Day,