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The BEST – Most Lovely Crochet Rug ever challenge!

Hello My Crocheting Friends,

Update – The Dahlia Flower Crochet Rug Pattern is now available in the KMI Shop!


Have you seen these darling Crochet rugs in your travels?!? Aren’t they to die for?

Crochet Rug

Seriously I have been drooling over them for days, they are absolutely gorrrrrrrrgeous. My brain is obsessed with locating a pattern.

But when will I find the time?? With the King, 5 little princes and princesses, a house to run, and…oh yeah, gotta do that “job” thing I do every day… This will be taking me forever!!

Crochet Rug

Is it worth it? I wasn’t sure… That is A LOT of yarn – A LOT!! And, it would requires so much time…and it would have to be done in the perfect shade of blue, grey and sea green, or just one color??…and my hands would be so darn tired because I would HAVE to force myself to work a little every day…hmmmmmmm

Then I did a search online and you know what? These Crochet Rugs are in the $700 – $1200 price range. Wowzers!! Um, yeah, it just may be worth it. I may not have this soft and squishy piece of loveliness in my house any time soon, but, darn it, I’m gonna try! Who’s with me??

Crochet Rug

Lol, you know what I just thought of?!? I may just never ever finish this Crochet Rug and have a ton of new coasters and potholders!! I better not join as I go… HA! I’ll have to request your address so I can pawn off a few pot holders onto you!! You wouldn’t mind, would you?

Crochet Rug

So what do you think? Any advice? tips? suggestions? Anyone want to commit me or better yet, come help with my Crochet Rug??? Please with a cherry on top??

Make it a Beautiful Day,


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6 thoughts on “The BEST – Most Lovely Crochet Rug ever challenge!

  1. Is there a pattern for just the flower used in the dahlia rug? Thankyou

    1. No, I’m sorry there isn’t. The flower is half of the pattern for sale. But, I am working on a % off coupon! I will post it on the Karla’s Making It Facebook page first! Like and follow so you don’t miss it. xo Karla

  2. Pattern please?

    1. Here you go Darlene! Thanks for your interest 🙂

  3. I just love these rugs. I have been searching for patterns for the better part of a month. I am committed to making this rug, even if it kills me. lol

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks for your comment. I hope you do make the rug! It is a really satisfying project. Definitely my favorite pattern for the whole year!! I made a flower a day when I had a ton of works in progress, then just finished it up one weekend! Tag me in a photo on Facebook when you complete yours!

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