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More Than Just Crochet, Exciting Changes at Karla’s Making It

More Than Just Crochet, Exciting Changes at Karla’s Making It

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for visiting Karla’s Making It today.  I really appreciate you taking some valuable time out of your day to spend some with me. I truly hope that some of the things here inspire you and add value to your life.

Whether you are a new visitor or a regular presence here, I would like to welcome you to some exciting changes in store.  One of my goals in life is to be a well-rounded person and since starting the website, I have not been achieving that goal.

Henry David Thoreau

What I have accomplished is a place to store all my favorite free crochet patterns from around the web.  I have written some inspiring (to me) crochet posts but I have failed to do much else.  There are so many other things I want to spend my time on instead of just crochet.  I hope you will indulge me as I create a more well-rounded website, which will help me be a better more-fulfilled person. My hope is that by achieving this goal, that I will offer more opportunities to add value here and maybe in the process, help you achieve your goals.

So crochet is awesome, we don’t have to debate that.  It is relaxing, stress reducing and allows us to give comfort and gifts to our friends, family, and people in need. I won’t ever quit crocheting until my hands won’t let me anymore.  But, the thing is, I also love to do other crafts, cook, encourage others, exercise, parent, and have a clean welcoming home. There are things I don’t LOVE per se, but that I should be doing more of like being more grateful, think more positively, be more social outside the home, be a kinder person, give more, clean more often, exercise more, eat healthier, get more organized, etc. This list is never ending!

So, my Dear Reader, if it is ok with you, my plans for Karla’s Making it will include more of these things. I plan to post more of my dreams and goals, my successes and areas that need improvement, what has been working for me, as well as other random thoughts and ideas.  I hope you will stick with me on this journey and perhaps we can succeed at these things together.  After all, I cannot be the only one that wants to improve my life, right?


To begin, I will share a few things that I’m already good at that have been requested by friends, including menu planning and information on getting and staying fit. You will watch my menu evolve as I add more and more healthier dishes to our lives. Recipes that make us feel good and still taste amazing. You will bear witness to my changing some bad habits and work on creating better ones in their place.

You will notice that I love comfort food. When I show you our menu for the week, it is blatantly obvious.  I’m from the midwest and most of the recipes I cook remind me of my past filled with a large Italian family, with many gatherings and an invitation to eat the most yummy food any Nana would be proud to serve. While there will always be a place on my menu for those things, I really want to offer my family healthier choices.

Italians be like...

Who do I think I am offering you such advice? Well, it is true that I do not have a degree in nutrition but I know people who do! In addition, I worked in an eating disorder clinic for years that provided treatment to anorexics, bulimics, and over eaters.  I have picked up a few things in the process of negotiating food plans with patients and creating eating plans that allow for weight gain and loss.  In addition, I have maintained a healthy weight myself for the majority of my life.

There are so many changes I have been wanting to make but haven’t for one reason or another.  The truth is that my diet needs huge improvement and many of the foods I eat, especially processed foods, need to be eliminated. Also, my energy level is low and I don’t sleep enough for the same reason.

My goal is that each week I achieve small goals that will create better habits so that I can be a better person every day. My arms and butt are flabby and my tummy…we won’t go there yet. I have so much room for improvement.  Finally, I have health issues that I will share along our journey together that I could reverse or help by changing just a few bad habits.

I hope you will stick with me as I create a more well rounded, healthier and happier person in myself.  Better yet, why don’t you join me!

What are you doing today to be a better person?  What habits should I be thinking about to make myself a better person? I look forward to your input in the comments below.

Make it a beautiful day,


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