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The 10 Best Gifts for Crocheters from Karla’s Making It

Christmas time or any time, here are the 10 Best Gifts for Crocheters of all time

karlas-christmas-crochet-wishlist-karlas-making-itHello Crochet Friends!

How are you all this week? I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family.  I hope yours was equally good. Did you gain 5 pounds like I did! I’m going to have to take a crochet break to walk for the next month!! It is so worth is, isn’t it?

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I have and it feels good to get some of my list out of the way.

What do you want for Christmas this year? Have you sent your list to Santa yet? Is your family asking what YOU want for Christmas this year?

Well, I decided I’m am going to share my wishlist (and then some) with you!

I don’t have 100’s items on my list for Santa, but I’m sure I could have 100+ things on my WISHLIST!!

Here is the first part of Karla’s Gifts for Crocheters Wishlist!!

Stanwood Large Yarn Ball Winder Gifts for Crocheters'

Stanwood Large Yarn Ball Winder, 10-Ounce – there is also a 4 oz ball winder but I like to wind worsted and chunky yarn, so I want the biggie! Yes it is manual BUT this motorized one broke within the first month. Every single person that I know that purchased a motorized one said theirs broke quickly as well. This is a good quality brand, with a solid metal base and study construction.  It is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars with 485 reviews on Amizon!

Blocking Mats Gifts for Crocheters'

Blocking Mats – All crocheters can never have enough blocking mats!! This is a set of 9 blocks that when put together makes a 36 x 36 square. It has 1 inch squares for perfectly aligned projects. This set also includes 100 T-pins so it can be put to use right away. To top it off, it is heat resistant so your crocheter can use with a steamer when blocking. The blocks are also available in green and yellow.

addi Swing Crochet Hooks Gifts for Crocheters'

addi Swing Crochet Hooks – A favorite among crochet hooks, the ergonomic addi® Swing Hooks have just a hint of flexibility, and fit right into the curve of the hand to allow for a more comfortable practice. These best-selling hooks are available individually or in a set of 13 and a set of 5. In case you wondered the most used Crochet sizes are G, H, I, and J.

Yarn Gifts for Crocheters'
Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash SPORTCascade is my hands down favorite yarn. It comes in a lot of wonderful colors, is very soft, and is priced right. It is made of 100% Superwash Merino Wool and comes in 50gr skeins. This yarn is a treat to work with!!

Stitch Happy Knitting Bag Yarn Storage – This is a handy bag to transport your projects to and from classes or groups.  There are 7 Multi- Purpose Double-Stitched Pouches to keep all your yarn, hooks, needles, most-used tools, and even your glasses at your fingertips! NO-RISK MONEY BACK LIFETIME GUARANTEE – guaranteed to be efficient and durable or your money back!

Stitch Markers – Again, any crocheter will tell you that you can NEVER have too many stitch markers.  They are constantly getting lost, or I leave them in a project to start a new one! I order these a couple times a year!

Yarn Cutter Pendant – Yarn can be cut using any of the grooves. Rotary cutting blade is integrated with pendant, making it safe to use and TAKE ON AN AIRPLANE!!

Here’s the latest Crochet obsession! Caron Cakes is a self striping yarn with none of the weaving in!! It makes beautiful projects and is the same Caron quality as their other yarn in cool colors.

Lite Crochet Hooks – Yes we crochet in the dark!! ha ha well, I have before. On a road trip I used these lighted crochet hooks rather that keeping the dome light on. These are handy in bed too when you have to get that last row done 45 times and your partner is trying to sleep. They come in a bunch of sizes but I recommend at least getting H, I, and J hooks.

Just because they are so cool – I am loving these Genuine Ebony Crochet Hooks! They are made of genuine Ebony wood and includes six sizes. This unique and beautiful Ebony Wood is highly prized and sustainably sourced from India. It is one of the most dense and smooth, black and beautiful of the exotic woods. any find that wood is naturally easier on the hands than metal and other synthetic materials. And while Ebony is a very dense wood (see bottom photo) the crochet hook feels very lightweight. I also recommend these beautiful crochet hooks made of Birch or Rosewood. Your crocheter may want to frame them they are so nice looking!!

Well that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed The 10 Best Gifts for Crocheters and found some inspiration for your favorite crocheter.

I plan to revisit this page a few times, adding more and more gifts. I know my family sure appreciated this list!! In fact, you can just forward this page to your friends and family. Or you can TWEET  it!! That would make me so happy!!  🙂

What are your Best Gifts for Crocheters? i don’t want to miss anything I “need,” HA!

Well, I hope you get all you wish for this holiday!! Until next time, Make it a Beautiful Day!