I Won the Flower Rug Challenge!! Introducing The Dahlia Crochet Flower Rug

The Dahlia Rug Pattern

After many days of ripping out and restitching my Crochet Flower Rug, I have created a masterpiece for my home.

Dahlia Crochet Flower Rug

I Won the Flower Rug Challenge!! Introducing The Dahlia Rug

Finally! After long last, lots of ripping out of stitches, and a few tears, I have WON the Most Lovely Crochet Flower Rug Ever Challenge! May I present to you…..

The Dahlia Rug!

Dahlia Flower Crochet Rug

You remember the The BEST – Most Lovely Crochet Rug ever challenge! and Update on The BEST – Most Lovely Crochet Flower Rug Ever Challenge… In those posts I was sharing with you that I spotted this rug on the Internet for over $800 and I had to have it. But I certainly wasn’t going to pay that much! So, I challenged myself to come up with a pattern that was close and…well, I WON!! YAY!!

This has been one of the most fun designs I have made!

  • It is pretty fabulous looking
  • I LOVE walking on it
  • It is customizable to any size rug you choose, from bath sized to living room sized
  • The flowers provide a nice soft texture which gets better as it is walked on
  • You can customize with any color you choose, for any room in your home


You can purchase The Dahlia Rug from the Karla’s Making It Shop, Ravely Store or Etsy Shop. You don’t need to be a member of Ravelry to make a purchase. Just click below to get your digital download today!

It’s easy, fun, and economical to make your own rugs!! Get your digital download today!

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Author: Karla Wren

Hi there! My name is Karla Wren and obviously you know that I like to crochet and collect patterns! I also love collecting and working with all kinds of yarns. Some from my local chain store like Michael's and Joann's but also a some Yarn Boutiques in my area. But crochet is not only what I'm all about. Click the About Me page to learn more about me!

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