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Crochet Some Hygge – Free Cozy Patterns from Karla’s Making It

Crochet Some HyggeCrochet Some Hygge

Here in California we have been having rain like crazy.

I mean seriously crazy! Inches and inches fall every week. I don’t think we typically get more than an inch or so. We have been in a severe drought situation for years…

Not anymore! I’m told we are not totally in the clear but we are no longer listed as severe – YAY!

Anyway, along with all that rain, it’s been unusually COLD. Typically we will have 70F degree days this time of year. NOPE! Not this winter.

So I decided to take advantage of still experiencing cold weather by setting a warm fire, getting my cup of tea, and work on some Hygge crochet!

What is Hygge?

‘ Hygge ’ (pronounced ‘Hoo-ga’) is a Danish word, which means coziness.

I love cozy! Don’t you?

Imagine snuggling on the sofa with a cozy blanket, wearing your favorite blanket sweater while crocheting, enjoying a hot meal with family, drinking a warm cup of tea -all that is Hygge.

We do already have tons of free afghan, baby blanket, baby bootiesnewborn cocoons, cup cozies, granny square blankets, rugs, shawls and wrap patterns that qualify as Hygge here on Karla’s Making It.

But I wanted to add a few more cozy patterns that I have left on my to do list from winter, so here you go…

Hygge Crochet Patterns on my To Do List

Free Crochet Socks Pattern
Hygge Socks!
Knee-high Socks
Hygge Knee-high Socks
Rocky Road
Hygge Rocky Road socks
Hygge Blanket Sweater
Hygge Blanket Sweater
Hygge Sweater
Hygge poncho
Hygge poncho
Cabin In The Woods Afghan
Hygge Afghan
Hygge Hibernate Blanket
Hygge Hibernate Blanket

I have some original cozy patterns too you may be interested it…

Free Crochet Super Scarf Pattern from Karla’s Making It


Alice in Wonderland Inspired FREE Crochet Leg Warmers Pattern

So what do you think? Are you going to light a candle, get some tea and work on something Snuggly?

As always, I sure appreciate your visit!

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Make it a Beautiful Day,