Free Pattern for a Super Cute Crochet Cat Hat from Karla’s Making It! #CatHat #PussyHat

Crochet Cat Hat Pattern

Free Pattern for a Super Cute Crochet Cat Hat from Karla’s Making It! #CatHat #PussyHat

Hundreds of women are expected to march in Washington D.C. on January 21, 2017 to attend the “Women’s March on Washington.”  And, because a knitting or crochet cat hat pattern that has gone viral, thousands of them will be wearing bright pink and cat-eared “pussy power hats” to drive home their point. 

Crochet Cat Hat Pattern

I don’t have any plans to fly to D.C. and march. But I couldn’t resist whipping up this darling hat.

This is a easy pattern offering some quick instant gratification and a fun distraction from all the other WIPs you have around (or is that only me?). I had this cream colored yarn from my stash but you may want to dig out some pink if you are a supporter! Regardless is you support the Pussy Hat Project or not, its a super darling and fun hat anyway!




Row 1: Work a row of foundation single crochet that is about 11″ I started with 21 sts.

Row 2: Ch 2, turn. I worked my sts in the back loops only for a ribbed look. Working in back loops, hdc in next st and in each stitch across.

Crochet Cat Hat Pattern

Repeat until the piece is long enough to wrap around your head.  I made 31 rows.

Fold the piece in half and use a SC join to close off the top and side of the hat. Fasten off and join yarn to the open side.  SC evenly around. It took me 35 SCs. Sl st to join.

Turn hat inside out to hide the seams and lay flat. Use needle to stitch through the top corners to make ears. Tighten the thread to form ears. I tied knots to secure.

Weave in your ends! Then take a picture and post it on the Karla’s Making It Facebook Page!! Pretty please 🙂




Author: Karla Wren

Hi there! My name is Karla Wren and obviously you know that I like to crochet and collect patterns! I also love collecting and working with all kinds of yarns. Some from my local chain store like Michael's and Joann's but also a some Yarn Boutiques in my area. But crochet is not only what I'm all about. Click the About Me page to learn more about me!

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